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Eat in Italy Food Tours: About us

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Eat in Italy Food Tours

Our founder, Francesco Civita, is not only a Chef specialising in Italian cuisine, but he is also a passionate enthusiast of local recipes and products. Passion drove him to leave the restaurant kitchen behind in order to pursue his mission of promoting true Italian culinary culture through the little local spots frequented by Italians themselves. We do this by having great tour leaders and a very special selection of places to visit. From ancient delicatessens to modern interpretations of our recipes, if we feel a place offers a cultural experience as well as great food, we have them in our tours.


Every stop of our tours offers the chance to taste a typical product or dish and to learn about the cooking techniques and their history, directly from those who craft them, allowing you to meet the local heros that work esclusively with the best, freshest produce in order to offer up genuine products which are part of the local culinary culture....view >

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