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  • Pizza Class Napoli
  • Pizza Class Napoli
  • Pizza Class Napoli
  • Pizza Class Napoli
  • Pizza Class Napoli
  • Pizza Class Napoli
  • Pizza Class Napoli
  • Pizza Class Napoli
  • Pizza Class Napoli

Pizza Class

Learn to make Neapolitan pizza with Tommaso Mastromatteo, a certified AVPN (associazione verace pizza napoletana) instructor!

Location: Napoli Time: 09:45 AM, 05:00 PM Duration: 3 1/2 Hours approx Price: € 100,00

This is by far the best pizza class in Naples! Come spend the morning or afternoon with us and learn how to make the real Neapolitan Pizza in the heart of Naples with Tommaso Mastromatteo, a vibrant, young and talented pizzaiolo. He is one of the few certified instructors at the professional Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (the real neapolitan pizza association) pizza school, where still today e works side by side with the best pizzaioli there could be (Gugliemo Vuolo, Ciro Salvo, Gaetano Fazio). During the years he has supervised openings of pizzerias around the world such as the United States, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom and Italy. Today he works at a new food project at a new born pizzeria and restaurant called Giù Giù, a new ambitious project that combines innovation and tradition in both the pizza and local  culinary tradition. Here is  where he has taken the job as First Pizzaiolo and where he will share with you all his secrets about making the perfect pizza from scratch.  
We start with the best espresso coffee you could ever imagine, then a brief walk into a neighborhood you would other wise never see and off to take your class. Here you will not only see, taste and learn about the best products possible but you will learn and see one of the best teams at work in any pizzeria of the world. Tommaso will share his grand experience in mastering the art of making a perfect Neapolitan pizza and not only. By the end of the lesson you will be amazed, delighted and happy about having learned how to make a pizza in a pizzeria and you will take away all the secrets of how to make a delicious pizza both in your electric oven at home and in a wood fired brick oven, as well as some of the best deep fried apetizers you could imagine.

Tour Departures Duration Running Days
09:45 AM 3 1/2 Hours approx Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
05:00 PM 3 1/2 Hours approx Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Meeting Point:
Outside the Mergellina Metro Station (outside the bar between the two entrances

Finishing Point:
Via Andrea d'Isernia 29, our tour leaders will be more than happy to help you find your way back!

Once the group has met, the first stop is for a delicious espresso at one of the most famous coffee bar of Naples where you will be amazed by the aroma of the most delicious espresso. Then off to your lesson, after having met every one Chef Tommaso Mastromatteo and his staff will give you a general introduction and overview of what really happens in a pizzeria and what happens in a gourmet pizzeria like Giù Giù..

The subjects covered during the lesson will be:
- How to choose the right ingredients to make the perfect pizza dough (for the home oven and professional wood run oven).
- Make your own pizza dough by hand.
- The professional brick oven run on wood.
- See the staff during the daily preparation and participate if needed.
- The different tomatoes used: origins, differences in looks and flavours and tasting. 
- How to make delicious deep fried "scugnizielli" apetizers and tasting.
- The differences between Buffalo Mozzarella, Fior di Latte and Provola Affumicata and tasting.
- See how the pizza dough for a professional pizzeria is made.
- How to choose seasonings and handling the dough to make a round pizza by hand.
- Choose the pizza of your choice from the menu and make it yourself under Tommaso's supervision.

The class lasts about three and a half hours and finishes with a friendly pizza party sitting at the table while eating the delicious pizza made during the class, one drink and water included..